Another (Short) Photo Intermission

By me
The only photo me too, copyrighted

With the thick fog alternating with heavy rain already signalling the unwelcome arrival of the continental autumn – and long term forecasts predicting a very cold and snowy winter – I’d though it best to get a move on with my flying and log as much of my required CPL time as practically possible before the year (or the flying season, whichever comes first) ends. To that end, and despite the doom and gloom of yesterday’s weather forecast, I was out at the field today for my SE/IR checkride, hoping that Murphy would have some mercy for just that one short hour :D.

And while in the end the weather could have cooperated just a bit more flying-wise – with the atmosphere becoming increasingly unstable by the minute – it did provide me with another splendid photo opportunity… 🙂

9A-DMG, my mount for the day, waiting patiently for the CB in the background to pass south of the field. In the event, I had ended up flying through its fringe rain four times while shooting a couple of instrument approaches at Pleso, which had - apart from some bumpy, but otherwise benign IMC conditions - resulted in one clean airplane! 😀

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