Croatian GA Status Updates

What’s going on out there

Having always kept tabs on what was going on in Croatian GA – particularly around my neck of the woods, Lučko Airfield (LDZL) – it was only a matter of time before I finally added a proper Update section to Achtung, Skyhawk!. In keeping with my idea of this site not being a conventional news outlet, these updates are rudimentary and Twitteresque in nature, just a quick heads up of significant changes to the local GA landscape…

  • JUL 05: Soloy Turbine U206G 9A-LTA added to fleet of Adventure Driven Vacations
  • JUL: Scheibe SF-25A Motorfalke 9A-JOJ added to the registry, currently based at Lučko (LDZL)
  • JUN 30: PA-18-150 9A-DBS returns to flight after being heavily damaged in storm on OCT 04 2020
  • MAY 11: PA-34-200 9A-LEM landed wheels up at Bratina (LDZR); damage to props and flaps; no injuries
  • APR 03: PA-28-161 9A-PIS (ex. S5-DHM) added to fleet of Pan Avia at Bratina (LDZR)
  • NOV 24: PA-44 9A-DZG landed wheels up at Lučko (LDZL); sustained damage to both props & flaps; no injuries
  • OCT 04: severe storm damaged several aircraft at Lučko (LDZL); AS photo report
  • SEP 22: PA-34-200 9A-LEM (ex. HB-LEM) added to fleet of Pan Avia at Bratina (LDZR); AS photo report
  • MAY: SR-20 9A-PAC sold, transferred to UK register as G-FREY
  • AUG 17: C150M 9A-DMI landed on highway near Ravna Gora after losing power; moderate damage
  • JUL 21: CH-601 9A-UZZ landed in a field near Galovac; moderate damage; no injuries
  • MAR 13: C150M 9A-PAN overran runway at Kupinec Airfield; light damage; no injuries
  • FEB 23: U206G 9A-ADV flipped over by strong wind while parked at Zadar (LDZD)