CRO/YU Aviation Past

Croatian & Yugoslav Aviation History

Even though aviation history had always figured in my posts in one way or another, ever since late 2013 I’ve started devoting much of my Achtung, Skyhawk! time to covering – in some depth – a range of aeronautical topics from both Croatia’s and Yugoslavia’s near past. All of these works – some of which had exceeded by diploma thesis in length! 😀 – have included a fair amount of my own original research, often in the form of “picking the brains” of the people directly involved, as well as collecting and collating data from local official sources (such as various ex-Yugoslav CAAs, operators and aircraft manufacturers).

Aiming to provide an accurate as possible account of the aircraft and organizations involved – all while keeping politics very firmly at bay – these works have so far shown themselves to be popular with my readers, prompting me to collect them in one place for easy access. Dealing with topics from the 50s all the way into the 90s, they will hopefully add their small bit to preserving the region’s rich, interesting – but often undervalued – aviation heritage…

Civil aircraft:

Military and government aircraft:

Airlines and operations:

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