Rare Aircraft – Moose Tales: Yak-11 D-FJII @ LDVA

Taking a creative shortcut across the grass while returning to its parking position following a fine display. With visibility over the nose being virtually non-existent, the Yak-11 (in common with many taildraggers) has to constantly weave from side to side during taxi to allow the pilot to see where the aircraft is going. Since the -11 has a non-steerable tailwheel, all steering is done through differential braking, which can be a cumbersome and tiring experience - making it easier to simply taxi in a wide arc wherever possible.

By me All photos me too, copyrighted Even though summer is in full swing – with matching weather to boot – the airshow season in Croatia has nevertheless been uncharacteristically subdued of late. While there still are many small local shows around, large events are few and far in between, with even some long-standing and …

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