Photo Intermission – Planes in Fog

By me
All (one) photos me too, copyrighted

With monotonous inevitability and regularity, winter weather has returned to Croatia. While to many this may evoke images of white landscapes, snow flurries and fluffy clouds, the harsh reality was somewhat different – fog, more fog and – when the fog decides to lift – low cloud :D. With visibilities at our continental airports rarely above 200 meters – dropping to 50 in the mornings – GenAv flying ops have normally been stopped dead in their tracks, so there’s actually little to report on… however, hope remains that it may clear, so in the mean time, here’s a shot of the average day at Lučko…

For some odd reason, nobody was flying this day :D. To give a measure of the thickness of the Zagreb Winter Fog, the control tower - barely visible in the back - is just 90 or so meters away from me...

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