Photo Intermission – A Big Name at a Small Airfield

By me
All photos me too, copyrighted

While ordinarily our quiet and inconspicuous Lučko airfield cannot claim to have much in the way of foreign visitors, a couple of days ago it had suddenly become the site of what I believe to be the first ever landing by the Dutch company KLM on Croatian soil – sort of :D. And even though a 737 or a Fokker 100 stuck on a muddy 800 meter long grass runway would definitely be a sight to see, the reality was much less ambitious – but none the less interesting! 🙂

Somewhat underwhelming as an "ambassador" for the company - but only at first glance :). In town not on official business, PH-WVO was four legs into a trans-European joyride, which had so far taken it from Amsterdam - Cannes (France) - Portorož (Slovenia) - Rijeka (Croatia) - Lučko, and will further take it to Zagreb Intl. - Balaton (Hungary) - Budapest (Hungary) - Prague (Czechia) and then back home to Holland. Not a flight - or a flying life - I'd object to! 😀
Like many larger airlines in Europe, KLM operates its own small aeroclub, where it's regular crews can rent out light aircraft for very low prices and "keep their hand in" or just have some good old fashioned GA fun. Alongside with WVO pictured here, KLM Aeroclub also operates another 172P (PH-KBA) and a Piper Archer II (PH-KAX), all of which are named "Whispering bird" :). And, as befits a company such as KLM, the aircraft are immaculate!

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