Short Photo Report – More 9A-DTD Fun

By me
All photos me too, copyrighted

Deciding to further capitalize on the unusually warm and fine weather for a continental November – ten years  ago, we would have been shoveling snow for a month already – I was out at the field again yesterday afternoon, camera ready to capture some (hopefully) glorious sunset shots :). However, by the time the sun had set sufficiently to make things interesting, the only traffic remaining flying was 9A-DTD, plying some late-afternoon skydive ops… and having found out that it will soon be flown away for winter storage, I decided to try and make the best of it while I still have the chance… 🙂

Taxiing in for its penultimate flight of the day. Note the upward-hinged passenger door, a relatively common modification on high wing Cessnas, designed to allow skydivers an easy way out in flight without having to actually remove the door. Once opened, it is held in that position by propwash - a feature that often enough leads to an annoying flapping up and down when you change power during taxiing...
Idling away in front of a proper autumn background as another group of skydivers prepares to board 🙂
Grrrrr! Looking mean and angry with its newly-applied dentures :D.

And to finish this up, I’ve decided to also include another Lučko (non-aircraft :D) shot I very much like, taken about two weeks ago…

Our little tower of power all lit up, with an unusually beautiful skyscape in the back 🙂

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