News – Cessna 182T 9A-DGW Incident

By me
Photos me too, copyrighted

Just heard from Dean T. – and confirmed in the news – that 9A-DGW, our own Lučko C182T, was involved in a landing incident at the Zvekovac private airfield just outside Zagreb. Apparently, it had skidded off the slippery runway and ended up in a drainage canal that runs across the field. First reports indicate that the pilot is okay and without injuries, but that the material damage on the aircraft is substantial, at around €11.000, including a bent prop and knackered engine (pretty much what happened to 9A-BKS featured here recently).

Will post more updates as soon as I get some reliable information.

Seen a few months after it had joined the Croatian register. A 2001 normally-aspirated model, it was one of the best rentable aircraft at the field, operated by Air MGV
Fully equipped with everything you need, by far the best classic panel at the field 🙂

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