Photo Intermission – Night Flight: Having a Bit of Fun at Sunset

By me
All photos me too, copyrighted

Having become slightly stir crazy with the pedestrian pace of general aviation in Croatia of late, a friend of mine and I decided it might be a good idea to go and unwind a bit in the wild blue above the country’s capital of Zagreb :). Growing bored of constantly overflying the city by day, we decided we might just as well enjoy the view during sunset – so timing it just right on a beautifully calm summer afternoon, we fired up our trusty C172 and headed out of the quiet field…

Overflying one of the city's main highway junctions, where two important routes to Middle Europe meet. As you can see, our "sunset" flight turned into a non-event due to increasing haze in the distance, but we decided to make the best of it and enjoy some near-night photography :).
A splendid and calming view from the western edges of the city. The waning hours of the day are definitely the best time to be out and about and enjoy the simple beauty of flight - the scenery is even more beautiful than during the "full" dead of night...

An, of course, the best view of them all, with all the Christmas lights turned on :). Almost looks like an image from a flight simulator rather than an actual aircraft... either way, pure magic! As you can see from the instruments, we were in a bit of diving turn - and with all our exterior lights blazing, we must have been quite a sight...

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