Photo Intermission – Simulator Night Fever

By me
All photos me too, copyrighted

Despite completely disregarding normal University working hours – neither the first nor the thing to do so 😀 – my ongoing Multi Crew Coordination (MCC) simulator course had turned out to be a more fulfilling activity than I had previously anticipated; not only has it introduced me to the essentials of operating multi-pilot aircraft, but its late-night five-hour simulator sessions – sometimes running into the wee hours of the morning – have also provided me with valuable insight into the odd working hours of the professional flight crew. But for the photographer in me, there was also the quiet satisfaction of having a deserted, dark hangar – and my always ready camera – to play with :D. And while there were very few photo opportunities – with most aircraft temporarily relocated to Zagreb Intl. – I decided to make the best of the situation… 🙂

The Office :). Noticeably more complicated than the Seneca-based BT220 previously featured on this blog, the BT222 - produced by the same company, BT Simulations of Austria - is designed to simulate a "generic turboprop", but is in fact closely based on the Piper Cheyenne III
A slightly different view from "the jump seat". While not the most advanced or modern training device to see the light of day, the BT222 has all the ingredients required for the basic MCC course: dual instruments for both crew members, an autopilot to help reduce the workload - and numerous "failable" systems to keep you on your toes :). The approach charts you see clipped to the yokes are for Pula airport's (LDPL) VOR/DME approach for runway 27, which my teammate and I had just completed with flying colors (literally as you can see) 🙂
Lit only by the soft glow of the "Simulator run in progress" light, DZG and DZA (a Cessna Skyhawk SP) wait out another cold night in the hangar. Sitting here in the evening quiet, they keep reminding me of old, abandoned aircraft scattered in the underground tunnels common to several military bases in this part of the world...

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