A Short (Photo) Intermission

By me, photo too

With my forthcoming ATPL exams – the last three, finally! – leaving me little time in which to get to grips with my next Rare Aircraft post (even though it’ll be comparatively short), I thought I should nevertheless break the silence on here with, if anything, a single photo :).

A couple of days ago, I’d finally got fed up with sitting around all day and drove off to the field to catch some sun and fresh air. Planning to just hang around a bit and play with my new Canon 5D Mk II, I had spotted a free slot on our aeroclub Reims Rocket (9A-DMJ) and decided I could just as well keep my hand in and relax in a proper manner :D. Nothing fancy, just a half-an-hour afternoon buzz above town, with my camera close by should a nice photo opportunity come up… 🙂

Cruising into the setting sun on a late afternoon joyride above the city of Zagreb :). The beautifully calm air this late in the day always makes flying a pleasure! Just trim her an she'll fly like on autopilot (also, premiering a new feature, you can click this photo for a larger, 800x533 pixel version)

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