Dakota Update – Two More For My List…

By me

On somewhat of a discovery spree lately with my YuAF Dakotas – buoyed by finally having photographed 71203 and 71255 🙂 – I decided to carry on browsing the reaches of the Net and see what other interesting things I would inevitably stumble upon. I didn’t have to go far before I fell flat on my face, because within a minute or two of Googling I’d found an interesting list of the various C-47s and DC-3s operated by the YuAF at one time or another. Despite being rather vague with the airframe details – rarely listing anything more than their YuAF code and possible location – and out of date, it did bring my attention to two more easily traceable examples :)…

The Dakota Locator v1.1, now with 71253 on the scope 🙂

1. 71253 / C-47… / cn unknown:

Located just outside the small town of Otok near Metlika in south-eastern Slovenia (there’s an NDB there too), not much is known about this aircraft – and a cursory search revealed that the rest of the Net was not much wiser either. The only photo I managed to find (a Panoramio photo from Google Earth) showed it to be in an apparently good state, which makes it a prime target for my next photo mission :D. It’s not really that far away either…

2. 71288 / C-47A-20-DK / cn 12830:

A much more debatable example is 71288, now residing in the “Rahmi Koc Industry Museum” in Istanbul, Turkey (the latest on the long list of reasons to finally go there 😀 ). According to a number of online sources, it had started life as 42-92970 of the USAAF, before changing a raft of N-numbers in the years after WW2, to finally become TC-ALI in 1991. Interestingly, only two sources mention its YuAF service, so this should be treated with suspicion until verified :). Be that as it may, a photo on Airliners.net mentions that it had been converted to DC-3 standard at some point in its life, while another photo on JetPhotos.net shows that it definitely had a well-appointed cockpit for a Dak :D.

71288 @ Airliners.net

71288 @ Airliners.net #2

71288 @ JetPhotos.net

The score so far:

Up to 10 examples now, or about a third of the way there. To make navigation among the ever increasing number of posts a bit easier, I’ve linked each code to the post in which it is covered, but given that my posts tend to be a bit… long, you may have some scrolling to do :).

  • 71203: derelict at Zemunik Airbase, Croatia
  • 71212: derelict at Željava Airbase, Croatia
  • 71214: preserved at the Aeronautical Museum Belgrade, Serbia
  • 71237: flying as a C-47TP in South Africa
  • 71241: also a C-47TP in South Africa
  • 71248: preserved at Merville, France
  • 71253: in an unknown state near Metlika, Slovenia
  • 71254: the third C-47TP in South Africa, flying for the Red Cross
  • 71255: derelict at Otočac
  • 71288: preserved in Istanbul, Turkey

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