Snow Patrol, General Aviation Style

By me
All photos me too, copyrighted

My preparation for the arrival of the “super depression” nicknamed Vatroslav – and its associated “heavy” snowstorm Andrea (abrasive sarcasm intended) – last Wednesday pretty much centered around throwing a shovel in the boot of my car and preparing my camera for the “horrors” of snowy weather. As I had to be at Lučko at 7 AM next morning – right after the heaviest snowfall was forecast – for my early-morning IFR simulator run, I though I might as well enjoy a spot of winter photography :).

Expecting Armageddon, Snow – the fifth rider of the Apocalypse – and a complete breakdown in law and order so vehemently prophesied in the media, I set off just before 6 AM. Normally the 11 km journey takes me about 15-20 minutes depending on the traffic – exactly the same time it took me that morning, when all possible communications outlets were blaring warnings about not leaving the house unless it is critically important. At the field I was greeted by not-even-remotely-catastrophic 20-30 centimeters of virgin snow, just perfect for some unusual photography! The only problem was, there was nothing really interesting to photograph and the dull, low overcast didn’t really help with the lighting situation…

However, all was not lost, because then I just happened to notice that one of our planes was sitting in what could only be described as “unusual attitude” :D…

Oooops... after seeing similar photos of big airliners, seeing a small 150 in the same pose was more than a little humorous :). But with their proportionally long tails and light noses, 150s are sometimes prone to this. Even DMM at the other side of the field wasn't spared the same indignity...
Thankfully for both 150s parked outside, the strong wind that had accompanied the storm had blown up a lot of snowdrifts, so when the tail did come down, its fall was cushioned, resulting in no material damage. Three hours later, both of them had been cleaned and right way up! 🙂
An amphibian surrounded by water - but in the wrong state :). By the time the sim had finished, it was almost noon, so the lighting was much better - unfortunately, there still wasn't anything interesting to photograph...

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