Post Update – PZL-Bielsko SZD-12A, 9A-UJB

By me
All photos too

Just a quick update from today’s visit to the field :). With 9A-DOG out of the way and happily flying around, I got the chance to take a closer look at 9A-UJB – though I still ended up not all that wiser :D. What I did find out though was it’s old Polish registration, SP-1998, but a quick search on the net didn’t really turn up much info. Apart from that – and three photos more – all was quiet on the AK Zagreb hangar front…

Still looks quite odd without wings and horizontal stabilizer :). A plaque in the cockpit reads "Aircraft restored and modified privately", which could mean this thing has had an interesting history...
Apparently not destined to fly before the weather clears next year, UJB will probably be based at Zvekovac, a private field some 20 minutes flight away from Lučko
A structural detail of the main landing gear

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7 thoughts on “Post Update – PZL-Bielsko SZD-12A, 9A-UJB

  1. Fantastic to see your photos of this. It is s.n. 459 and as SP-1998 was entered onto the Polish register on 31/08/59 and cancelled 03/02/90 although withdrawn from use well before this date. The next info I have is from 1994 when it was seen with the Trabant engine fitted and it was flown without official registration. I have no news until it became 9A-UJB on 14/08/03 and I have a note that the airworthiness expired on 06/08/05 but I believe that is still current on the Croatian register. I have no idea of the name of the person who motorised it in Poland nor the owner in Croatia. I hope these notes are of interest — they are extracted from my own databases.

    BW, Tony

    1. Tony, hello!

      Thank you for the information – I’ve been wondering how old this example was for awhile now… and apparently, it is in contention for the title of the oldest airworthy aircraft in Croatia :D. As of the end of July 2010, it is still current on the Cro register and operates (though I don’t know at what frequency) out of Zvekovac airfield (LDZE), a new private field just outside Zagreb. The glider is under something of a “fractional ownership” deal, with several owners who all pitched in to buy it.

      Regards and thank you again,


  2. Hallo Tony and Boran,
    It is incredible how powerful internet is. I know that Moto-Mucha motorglider you are presenting. I was helping the original builder and private owner of that motorglider. It was in the early 90`s, I was a student at that time. Doing small repairs, handproping the motor and observing that glider flying gave me a lot of satisfaction. I was supposed to buy this glider but unfortunately my life path went different way. It is nice to see that glider again and as you refer still in flying condition. Do you know who is a present owner, or how could I contact him?
    Krzysztof K.

    1. Krzysztof,

      It was indeed airworthy when I last saw it – albeit, that was several years ago. However, it was at LDZL only temporarily, with its new home being several dozen km to the east. I do not know who the owner is at present, but I can try and find out! 🙂


    2. Krzysztof,

      I’ve asked around for the whereabouts of UJB… it turns out that it had changed owners some time ago and is now located in a hangar at Koprivnica airfield (LDVK) in the north-east of the country. Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to find out who’s the new owner, but hearsay is that it’s a local model pilot with a PPL.



  3. Boran,

    Thank you for your effort. That motorglider brings back to my mind a great part of my life.


    Krzysztof K.

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