Beyond AS

Even a cursory glance at the topics and photos on this blog will leave little doubt as to the richness and depth of the modern General Aviation world – traits that give it the charisma and the character that have kept me firmly glued to it all these years πŸ™‚ . And while I do try my best to cover my end of the GA scene, the sheer number of different aircraft, types of operations, conditions and geographic quirks makes it impossible to do more than just skim the surface, leaving a lot of territory to be covered by other authors and photographers.

To that end, I’ve included a list of what I found to be informative (and interesting) articles, photos, sites and videos, showing off all the various aspects of flying light and medium-sized aircraft. It is my hope that this list will show more of the detail and finer nuances of this fantastic segment of aviation – not to mention make sense of its often complicated myth and lore – and possibly help and inspire my readers to take up the yoke and throttle (or camera), and see for themselves just what we’re all on about… πŸ™‚



Production lists



  • TangoSixa wealth of news, articles and photos detailing the aviation scene in Serbia and the World

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