While flying past the smoke of a burning garbage heap may not be the most heroic of settings, it does however bring out some of the visceral appeal of the MiG-21. And despite its significant operational shortcomings (not to mention its general lack of sophistication in today’s terms), in the right hands the design can on occasion still put up a fight.

3 thoughts on “AS_P_131_001

  1. Dear Sir,

    It was a plesure to have a look on your photo’s from the Croatian Airforce Migs.
    Stunning shots!. Especialy twinseat Mig 21 167 briljant Light on that one!.Do you maybe know if there will be a fly pass will take place on the 4 and 5 of August during the military parade in Zagreb and Knin ?
    Can you maybe tel me from Which airbase the Croatian Airforce aircraft and helicopters will operate from for the fly pass above Zagreb city ?.
    Thanks in advance for your time and help this is much appreciated by me.

    With best regards

    Bram Marijnissen
    The Netherlands

    • Bram,

      Thank you for the comments! The MiGs will definitely participate in both events, and a flight of three examples has been confirmed for the parade in Zagreb. The participating aircraft will likely operate from multiple bases (those where they’re usually based), with MiGs operating from ZAG. However, photography from the fence can be problematic, since security services generally chase away visitors who they’re not familiar with. Those of us who photograph regularly have been vetted and cleared, so with advance notice they don’t intervene. There are no guarantees what would happen with foreign visitors!

      • There’s really no general advice for photographing from the fence. Sometimes you can stand there for hours without problems – but other times you can be told off within minutes… sometimes you can reason with the security service, sometimes not. We usually recommend not pushing it and forcing on being on the fence; if someone decides to do so anyway, they do so at their own risk.

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