Looking resplendent in its special paint scheme, the SerbAF solo display J-22 Orao is seen taxiing past the press area on its way to the main apron. A design outwardly very similar to the Anglo-French SEPECAT Jaguar, the J-22 was designed as a lightweight, low-level strike aircraft that would use the maximum amount of “home-grown” technologies. Developed in cooperation with IAR of Romania – whose own version is called the IAR-93 Vultur – the Orao is powered by two Rolls-Royce Viper Mk.22 turbojet engines, produced locally under license and fitted with a locally-developed reheat system. Subsonic like the Jag, the Orao is in service only with the Serbian and Bosnian AF, and is one of the last dedicated ground attack aircraft serving anywhere in Europe

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